Web-based videoconferencing with screen sharing.

Annotated screen shot of Join.Me window with key controls labeled

Annotated Join.Me Meeting Window

Join.Me is an easy-to-use web conferencing tool. Participants can join right from a web browser, with no download required unless they will be presenting. The feature set is standard for web conferencing systems. Join.Me is designed for quick access; it’s very easy to start a meeting and easy for others to join without needing special software. Hosts can set up a permanent meeting URL and send it out to guests, or guests can join by entering the name of the meeting room on the main Join.Me page.

Join.Me is available for mobile platforms so participants can attend meetings from their mobiles or tablets. The mobile version also includes a whiteboard feature that can be screen-shared from the device so other participants can view it.

Scenario / Use Case

We have used Join.Me for client meetings, team meetings, and online classes. We set up a permanent meeting room and give the code to attendees. Because we can choose the code, it’s easy to remember and easy for people to type. The ‘knock to enter’ feature lets us control who gets in, so if someone joins at the wrong time, we can decline their request and follow up afterward. We generally use screen sharing from a desktop computer, although we have also successfully hosted meetings from an iPad and used the whiteboard for graphic recording.



  • Rooms can be open or locked. If locked, participants ‘knock’ and hosts approve them by name when they arrive
  • Screen sharing can be paused, which freezes the shared display so the presenter can look at other windows on their computer privately
  • It’s very easy to get people into a meeting
  • The paid subscriptions include international dial-in numbers at no additional cost


  • When a participant joins the web meeting, they are not prompted to join the audio portion of the call, and new users may not notice immediately that there is a separate step for audio
  • When joining from the main Join.Me page, the link to join (vs. start) a meeting is not obvious
  • The number of video feeds is limited, so it’s possible to have more participants than video feeds

Groups It’s Good For

  • Small distributed teams that like to use video conferencing to see one another
  • Smaller groups or teams looking for an affordable videoconferencing solution
  • Independent consultants or coaches looking for an affordable web conferencing solution

Cost & Access Information

Join.Me offers free, pro, and business pricing tiers. The free level limits meeting attendees (10) and video feeds (5). For more information, see the Join.Me pricing page.

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