A wilderness of tools supports remote collaboration.

Laptop and other work tools with a coffee cup on an outdoor tableEver feel overwhelmed by the options available for online and remote work? Dozens, hundreds of tools are out there and you know they could make your work easier… but how to find them, and how to pick the best one for you?

There isn’t an easy answer. The right choice depends on many factors: your desired outcomes, the number of people you’re working with, their level of comfort with technology… and yours, to name a few.

Who has time to test, evaluate, and experiment with all those tools?

We do.

We are professional facilitators who specialize in visual facilitation and remote work. We’ve played with every tool listed here, and we’ve used many of them in client engagements.

You’ll find reviews, use cases, pros and cons, and links for all kinds of tools that support all kinds of tasks for remote collaboration. If you know what your outcomes are and you know what activities will support those outcomes, you can look here for ideas about which tools might work best for you.

The tools are grouped by type and/or function: audio conferencing, breakout groups, document sharing, whiteboard, and so on. Browse the tool types in the sidebar and select the type you’re after. You’ll see a set of reviews for tools of that type.

If you’re looking for ideas about what to do with the tools or sample agendas and workflows, sign up to be alerted when the companion book Beyond Virtual Meetings comes out in 2018. It’s packed with activities, checklists, agendas, and information about how to facilitate remote work. Each activity or agenda in the book directs you back here to a certain tool type so that you can match up what you want to do with the tools that will help you get it done.

Think of this site as your machete in the wilderness of remote collaborative work. We’re all trailblazers out here.