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Collaborative mind-mapping, concept mapping, and outlining program with applications for business and education.

Screenshot from Mindomo

A preformatted template (Task Mind Map). Custom formatting and the addition of multimedia are available in all maps.

Mindomo is a collaborative mind mapping program. Multiple users can work simultaneously, or a single user can prepare a mind map to display in presentation form (slides).

Links, images, audio, video, and notes can be added; tasks can be assigned to a specific user and calendar date. Themes are available from which to choose, or a custom theme may be created. Maps can be created from scratch, but Mindomo also offers a variety of templates as a starting point; for example, designing a business proposal or creating a brainstorming toolbox. Instructional videos and autosave are standard features; optional browser plugins encourage users to capture and collect ideas from the web. Premium users can import documents and password-protect maps.

Scenario / Use Case

During a brainstorming web conference between remote team members, participants can add ideas in real time, drawing connections between related topics, identifying and listing main and sub-topics. Tasks can be assigned to various members, and Mindomo keeps a running log of each person’s contributions. Plan an event or conference, or discuss pros and cons of various product ideas. Quieter team members may feel more comfortable adding their thoughts to the map, rather than jockeying to be heard during a teleconference.


  • Mind maps can be exported as the following: PDF, Word, Text, Microsoft Project, PowerPoint, Excel, PNG, OPML, HTML, ZIP, Mindomo, Freemind, and MindManager.
  • Convert mind maps into outline form with a single click.
  • Real time collaboration.
  • Can assign tasks to multiple users, add items to iCalendar, and view an activity log showing each team member’s contribution.
  • Access from a variety of platforms, including Google Chrome, Windows and Mac, iPad, Android.
  • A desktop application allows for offline work; Mindomo automatically syncs when network connection is detected.


  • The program isn’t entirely intuitive and may be frustrating to less tech-savvy users.
  • To take full advantage of Mindomo’s features, expect to spend some time watching tutorials or reading through the (well organized) Help section.

Groups It’s Good For

  • Dispersed teams working together during a brainstorming session.
  • A project administrator assigning tasks to multiple team members; each member is able to view the entire project, as well as filter the map to focus on his or her specific tasks.
  • Presentations during business meetings; unlike Powerpoint, which allows for linear viewing, Mindomo illustrates the big picture, while still enabling the presenter to focus on specific parts of the map.

Cost & Access Information

Mindomo offers a free trial (3 maps) and several different membership levels, including discounts for teachers and schools: https://www.mindomo.com/pricing.htm.

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