Project management tool with list and card views, progress dashboard, and team calendar.

Screen shot of Asana

A sample project in card view

Asana is a friendly, visual project management tool. Teams can create projects and add tasks; information can be attached to a task, such as who owns it and when it is due. People can like or tag tasks and add comments to them as well. The team calendar is automatically populated with task information. A dashboard encourages the team to post progress updates and a conversation tab provides a space to talk about the work. Personal and shared task lists make it easy for team members to keep track of their responsibilities. Asana can capture tasks you forward from emails, create meeting agendas, and integrate project schedules with Google calendar.

Asana’s YouTube playlist, How to Asana, covers the tool’s features in a series of quick, fun videos.

Scenario / Use Case
A marketing team might use Asana to manage its production pipeline. The team could schedule outgoing communications and all the steps that lead up to a successful launch, integrating the schedule with each team member’s calendar. Emails from suppliers (print houses, designers, etc.) would be forwarded to Asana to create tasks; rough drafts and layouts would be attached to tasks to be reviewed by the appropriate people; a visual pipeline and the project dashboard would show progress at a glance.


  • Integrates task lists, calendars, project scheduling, and team communication in one place.
  • Interface is simple and intuitive.
  • Asana’s help and how-to materials are excellent.


  • Asana’s featureset is extensive and might be overwhelming at first, though the interface is well-designed and should help minimize this.

Groups It’s Good For

  • Distributed teams who want a single tool to handle most project-management tasks.
  • Intact, long-term teams who will be working on projects over an extended period will benefit from more of Asana’s features.

Cost & Access Information
Asana is free for up to 15 people, with basic dashboards and basic search. Premium and Enterprise subscriptions are available for larger teams or for teams who need additional features.

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