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BlueJeans offers four products for videoconferencing: onVideo, Primetime, Huddle, and onSocial. BlueJeans onVideo is designed to make videoconferencing easy. While it supports other activities like screen sharing, it is primarily aimed at high-quality video for up to 100 people. Primetime lets you engage thousands of participants in town hall-type gatherings. Huddle is a package that creates a videoconferencing room by combining BlueJeans software with screens, microphones, and cameras (yours, or buy recommended pieces from BlueJeans partner companies); participants can connect quickly and easily with other Huddle rooms at the touch of a button. BlueJeans and Facebook Live come together with live broadcasting in onSocial.

The interface is simple and easy to master. A strip of controls down one side lets you mute audio, show or hide video, share your screen, view the participant list, and adjust your settings. Video is given the largest share of screen real estate so that you can see as well as hear your colleagues.

Scenario / Use Case
A distributed team needing to hold a difficult conversation could connect through BlueJeans onVideo, using its high-quality video to provide contextual cues from facial expressions and body language. Team members could connect from different devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobiles, allowing everyone to join the conversation wherever they happened to be. Of course, BlueJeans supports any kind of conversation, not just the difficult ones.


  • The tool emphasizes video quality, and the video is usually quite clear.
  • The interface is lightweight and easy to navigate.
  • Connecting to a BlueJeans meeting is very quick and easy.
  • BlueJeans Huddle makes it easy and not too expensive to set up a dedicated videoconferencing room.


  • Your own video is a tiny thumbnail, which could be a pro or a con.

Groups It’s Good For

  • Distributed teams who prefer to use video when they meet.
  • Consultants, coaches, and trainers who need to meet remotely with clients and want clear video and easy screen sharing.

Cost & Access Information
A free 14-day trial is available that includes all the BlueJeans onVideo features. Two levels of monthly subscriptions, Personal and Enterprise, provide options for up to 50 and 100 participants per host, respectively. See the BlueJeans onVideo pricing page for details.

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