Beyond Virtual Meetings is a collection of reviews of software and tools used in remote collaborative work, virtual meetings, and distributed teaming. It is produced and maintained by Rachel S. Smith.

Tool Types

The tools are grouped by type, so that if you are looking for an online sticky note system or a videoconferencing tool you can browse the reviews for those types of tools to see what’s out there. Check the sidebar for the tool types.

How We Pick Tools to Review

When we find a new tool that shows promise for supporting virtual collaboration, we try to get a couple of free or demo accounts so we can test the collaborative features. If possible, we will use the tool in a real task or meeting. We don’t rate the tools; we simply use them and then write up what we found.

If you have created (or used) a tool and would like us to consider reviewing it, please see our guidelines for suggesting a tool.

The Companion Book (2018)

Beyond Virtual Meetings is also a book that will be released in 2018 with advice and best practices for working collaboratively at a distance. The best practices in the book are supported by different tool types. When you find a practice in the book you’d like to try, you can look at the reviews for those types of tools here and select the ones that work best for you and your team.