The Book

Coming in 2018, Beyond Virtual Meetings is your handbook for facilitating remote collaboration easily, effectively, and confidently.

For anyone who has experienced the pain of working remotely, Beyond Virtual Meetings is the one book that finally explains why virtual work hurts and shows how to make it better. Unlike books on running virtual meetings and managing virtual teams, Beyond Virtual Meetings belongs to everyone who works remotely, because each contributor has the power to transform painful virtual work into engaging, effective collaboration. Arising from the experience of senior consultants at The Grove Consultants International in San Francisco — pioneers in using visual methods to facilitate collaboration — this handbook is packed full of information and step-by-step, visual approaches that can be applied right away to end the agony and create a beautiful, functional, virtual workflow to support any team or group.

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Why Remote Collaboration?

Nearly 3% of the workforce, or 3.7 million people, work remotely (Global Workplace Analytics, Jan. 2016). They are located all over the world. Every international company faces the challenge of helping employees do effective, complex work across time, distance, and cultural divides. The need is only increasing; as business school graduates enter the workforce, companies are discovering to their dismay that many of their new employees do not know how to work well with colleagues at a distance. Remote employees need reliable information on how to set up processes and tools to support collaboration.

Remote collaboration can be absolutely painful, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s also not going to go away. Beyond Virtual Meetings is designed to empower, encourage, and inspire people to work better together.

The key problems remote employees are facing are:

  • Remote team members feel disengaged from the group between meetings;
  • Trust and rapport don’t develop among virtual team members;
  • Workflows and interim deliverables are difficult to track and manage on distributed teams;
  • Group members work in different time zones, and finding convenient meeting times is hard;
  • A bewildering array of tools is available but nobody knows what they all are, which ones are best, or how to get teams to use them; and
  • Facilitators and team leaders have a general feeling that they need to work differently in virtual settings, but aren’t sure exactly how.

Who Is the Book For?

This book is designed for facilitators, team leaders, human-resource professionals, managers, and team members who sense that there is a better way to work on complex, collaborative projects with teammates who are separated by distance and time zones. If you have ever found yourself frustrated with scheduling and leading remote work or caught yourself wishing that you could just fly the whole team to one location and get it over with, this book is for you.

Beyond Virtual Meetings, the book, works with Beyond Virtual Meetings, the website. In the book, best practices are linked to tool types rather than specific tools. When you’ve identified a best practice you would like to try, come back to the website and browse the reviews for the type(s) of tools indicated in the book. Choose the tool or set of tools that works best for you and your team, and you’re good to go!

If you’d like us to let you know when the book is released, please sign up to be notified!